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In the world of Lainute we don’t just create games, we build a platform for your adventures, emotions and meeting new friends. Forget about boring and monotonous games – with us every project is a separate story waiting for its hero.

There is no place for routine in our team. We are a collective of creative individuals who are not afraid to go beyond the usual and look for new approaches to creating games. Every day is a new adventure, a new opportunity to impress you with something amazing and different.


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Discover Cleopatra: Meet the game’s protagonist

Meet Cleopatra, our latest gaming masterpiece that will immerse you in the exciting world of ancient Egypt. Step onto the sand dunes, experience an atmosphere of mystery and passion, and embark on an exciting adventure with the greatest queen of all time.

Cleopatra offers a unique combination of an exciting story, addictive gameplay and gorgeous design. Go on a treasure hunt, solve ancient mysteries, explore the intricate corridors of the pyramids and fight dangerous opponents to become true heroes.

Each level of Cleopatra is a new test, a new challenge to your skills and intelligence. Go through sandstorms, fight ancient monsters, explore secret dungeons and discover treasures you could never dream of.

Immerse yourself in the world of ancient Egypt with Cleopatra and become part of this exciting story where every choice you make affects the course of events. Discover what lies behind the mysterious world of the ancient pharaohs and take on challenges just waiting to be overcome.

Reviews of our games: Impressions of our players
Alvin Schmidt

Your games are mesmerizing! I found them a great way to relax after work.

Marian Shelton

Been playing your games for a few months now and just love it! Amazing graphics and interesting story

Samuel Ruiz

A great way to spend an evening with friends! Your games are always a lot of fun.

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